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Barefoot on Stalks

Director:Jan Svěrák
Cast:Ondřej Vetchý (tatínek), Tereza Voříšková (maminka), Alois Grec (Eda), Jan Tříska (děda)
Premiere:17. August 2017
Length:112 minutes
Genre:Comedy, Drama

Cast: Ondřej Vetchý (tatínek), Tereza Voříšková (maminka), Alois Grec (Eda), Jan Tříska (děda), Viera Pavlíková (babička), Oldřich Kaiser (Vlk), Zuzana Stivínová, Hynek Čermák (strejda), Petra Špalková (teta), Zdeněk Svěrák (Pan ředitel), Václav Hubka (Ota), Niklas Klinecký, Josef Bedlivý, Petr Uhlík (Vlastík), Sebastián Pošmourný (Škaloud), Miroslav Hanuš, Petr Brukner, Miroslav Táborský (Košťál) a další  •  Music: Michal Novinski  •  Director: Jan Svěrák  •  Camera: Vladimír Smutný

Eight-years-old Eda is a long-desired and anxiously protected child by parents who had lost one baby before. Now Eda became backup child; he even has the same name. After his father rejects to affiliate with Nazi invadors of Czechoslovakia in 1939, the family is forced to leave Prague and spend war times living with relatives in the countryside. Little town where Eda used to spend short holiday only, becomes his home for a while. The war provides mysterious adventures to Eda whose childish eyes can not percieve danger of difficult times. For him life feels strange but beautiful now – city boy lives in a tiny town, joins local boyish crew to spend days walking barefoot, notices beauty of girls for the first time and discovers both deep family secrets and his own bravery. Barefoot is lyrical feature film about childhood and heroism of ourselves. Chronologicaly and thematicaly, the film is the first episode of a tetralogy of movies Elementary School (1991), Kolya (1996) and Empties (2007) that were created and produced by family duo Jan Sverak and Zdenek Sverak.



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