27 Times Cinema 2021

27 Times Cinema 2021

you have to sent us your project till to 20th of May

The Europa Cinema network announces a "casting" for young filmgoers. The winner of this casting will be sent to the Venice Film Festival! The European Parliament's LUX Audience Award, Giornate degli Authors and Europe Cinemas are looking for 27 representatives from each Member State to join the jury of the aforementioned Giornate degli Authors in Venice and award the best film in this category!

 How to be part of the project

    •      Regular moviegoers, passionate about cinema, aged between 18 - 25 years,
    •      Good communicators active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat)
    •      Good writing skills (articles and blogs),
    •      With aptitude for podcasting, blogging, vlogging, video editing, photography or any other communication skill that will allow the candidate  to be actively involved in a communication campaign,
    •      Good knowledge of English (written and spoken) to actively take part in the discussions about the films with film professionals,

The cinema will select 3 successors to be evaluated by the organizers (Europe Cinema, Lux Audience Award and Giornate degl Autori).
Accommodation and travel costs are covered by the European Parliament throughout the event (13 days), while Europa Cinemas will take care of your daily pocket money and Giornate will be responsible for organizing and accrediting the festival.

Conditions of participation: - Age 18-25 years - Have socks in your little finger (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok) -  Good writing skills (articles and blogs) - In order to actively participate in this event, you should understand or not be afraid to upload podcasts / edit videos / blog / log in / take photos - Good knowledge of English (spoken and written) so that you do not miss anything and you have communicated with everyone

The selected ambassador of the given country undertakes to:

  • presence in Venice before the festival, from Tuesday 31 August to Sunday 12 September 2021 become a judge of films that will compete in the category of Giornate degli Autori (jurors will be accredited for preferential access to screenings)
  • take part in round table discussions, masterclasses and workshops to help them improve their communication skills so that they can better participate in the presentation of the LUX Audience Award
  • contribute content to Europa Cinemas websites and social networks.
  • after the festival to promote the LUX prize and the experience gained on their own soc. networks
  • take part in events organized as part of the LUX Audience Award (January - May of the following year) and help with their promotion
  • be available at the LUX Selection panel meeting, which usually takes place from June to September (1-2 days), if this happens. Technical parameters of the video: - The video must be in English - In full HD resolution, ie 1920x1080 px - Video length 30 seconds - Your name and country of origin should be visible in the video - Send the video via wetransfer.com to the Lucerna cinema (kino@lucerna.cz)

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