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Piano at the Crossroads

Piano at the Crossroads

4.4. at 20:00

On Tuesday 4 April at 8 pm, the Lucerna Cinema will host the world premiere of Piano at the Crossroads. The director, Jan Senius, spoke briefly about the film. "Paradoxically, at the time of the biggest curfew, it was possible to go to work, and therefore to make a film. So we were able to film in the empty inner city of Prague in places like the Prague Crossroads Church, the Slavie café and the Jazzdock club. Also, "thanks" to the pandemic, the famous concert pianists Jitka Čechová, Tomáš Víšek, Karel Košárek, Martin Kasík and Igor Ardašev had time for us. We would not be able to bring them together in such a concentrated way today. We wondered if music can not only lift a person up for a while, but perhaps even help him overcome such difficult times, and whether the world after the pandemic will be different than before. And this discord between the faith in music that emanates from its protagonists and the apparent futility all around is imprinted in our film."

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Piano at the Crossroads

A charming company attends concerts in Jakub's Pianotheca. Due to the pandemic, Jakub is sadly forced to close his piano shop and cancel the evening performances. And so he decides to invite selected pianists to a temple hidden in the alleys of Prague‘s Old Town. There, in the church of St Anne, in the international spiritual centre with a mysterious name Prague Crossroads, he has got temporarily deposited a beautiful concert grand. The pianists play there in solitude, in concentration. How strong is our belief in ourselves and can music help us? The viewer himself is shaken when confronted with beauty and vanity. The film is an authentic testimony to the time of night curfew and movement restrictions. Music in the film serves as a means of communication and hope in dark times. Show more


4. 4. Tuesday

253,00 20:00

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