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Director:Katalin Gödrös
Cast:Ursina Lardi, Marcus Signer, Eugene Boateng, Carol Schuler
Length:88 minutes


Director: Katalin Gödrös  •  Cast: Ursina Lardi, Marcus Signer, Eugene Boateng, Carol Schuler, Stefan Merki

A film based on a true story.

The dead body of a black African is found in front of a mountain chalet in the Bernese Oberland. Despite protests from the local population, the man gets buried in the collective grave of the municipality. To this day, his identity has not been clarified.

What happened? Well-established journalist Charlotte (55) researches this case, at first, against her will. But the life of this unknown captivates the journalist more and more –during the investigation she soon realizes that she has seen the dead man only recently in the streets of Bern.

A panopticon of stories and theories about the possible identity of the dead unfolds, however there is no definite answer. In the course of the research this uncertainty captivates Charlotte and almost drives her into madness.

Charlotte is a story about handling foreignness and the profound need for affiliation.



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