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Rodinné víkendyRodinné víkendy
Finding DoryFinding Dory
The Legend of Tarzan 3DThe Legend of Tarzan 3D
The Jungle Book The Jungle Book
Hledá se Dory 2DHledá se Dory 2D

Thursday 30.6.
Kino Lucerna

Finding Dory (Finding Dory)3DCSU90 min150,- Kč16:00
Money Monster (Money Monster)2DCS1295 min129,- Kč20:45
Me Before You (Me before you)2DCS12110 min129,- Kč18:15
Reality (Réalité)2DCS1297 min129,- Kč20:30
The Tiger Theory2DCVU101 min129,- Kč18:30
Flaskepost fra P (Flaskepost fra P)2DCS112 min129,- Kč16:15

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